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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Kollel Ateres Ami offers a revolutionary Yeshiva-like structured learning program and environment. Offering various tracks to help people of all levels and all life circumstances continue to improve their Torah learning skills as well as gain a deep understanding of the principles our faith is built upon. 
Boruch HaShem, thanks to the hard work of frontline kiruv organizations, the numbers of Baalei Teshuva in Chicago continues to grow. However, maintaining steady spiritual growth can be challenging after the initial spark of inspiration. Whether an individual has been fortunate enough to have attended Yeshiva or is wholly new to Torah learning, Ateres Ami offers the environment needed to nurture continued growth.
Our Kollel is active around the clock, with learners of all levels engaged in Torah study alongside peers, mentors, and role models. It is a space for the committed pursuit of Torah knowledge and personal spiritual growth.

Our Story

An essential part of a person’s spiritual growth is understanding the spiritual framework within which we serve HaShem, known as Hashkafa. Rav Aryeh Shulman, Rosh Kollel Ateres Ami, has devoted many years to learning the field of Hashkafa to help people appreciate the wisdom of the Torah beyond the letter of the law. Additionally, having grown up in Chicago’s northern suburbs as a secular Jew, and having a medical school background. The Rosh Kollel can relate to the background and needs of Kollel Ateres Ami’s diverse constituents, as well as relate the Torah to modern day science and philosophy.


Mission Progress









Team Members

Berish Perlman

Associate Program Director

Warm and fuzzy with an obsession for seforim, if you walk into the Kollel, Berish won't forget you.

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Yechezkel Fekson

Rabbi, Mentor

Underneath the tough Russian exterior and hiding behind a sharp tongue, lies a caring and thoughtful person

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Aryeh Shulman

Rosh Kollel

Sharp, pointed, and direct, Rabbi Shulman has a simple formula. If you want to grow, he will help make that dream a reality.

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Yaakov Chaim Olevitch

Studious and melodious, R' Yaakov Chaim is the longest serving member of the Kollel.

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Ilya Shulman


Founder of the Kollel. Although Ilya has moved on to Eretz Yisrael, the Kollel still reflects his vision.

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Meyer Swed

Our resident Sephardi member and sofer, R' Meyer is energetic and friendly. Learning with him is an unforgettable experience.

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