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A vibrant Torah center, a robust Beis Medrash, and a place where everyone is given the opportunity to continue growing.

Kollel's Objective for its Avreichim

To help prepare young men during the formative period of their lives for a life of community leadership and contribution. Specifically, to give them a good grasp of the tractates that are most relevant to daily Jewish life, to develop their knowledge in Hashkafa, and to teach and inspire them to give back to the community.

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Meet our Avreichim

Berish Perlman

Associate Program Director

Warm and fuzzy with an obsession for seforim, if you walk into the Kollel, Berish won't forget you.

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Yechezkel Fekson


Underneath the tough Russian exterior and hiding behind a sharp tongue, lies a caring and thoughtful person

Zev Garsik

Rabbi, Mentor

With a warm smile and an easygoing disposition, R' Zev is easy to love.

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Aryeh Shulman

Rosh Kollel

Sharp, pointed, and direct, Rabbi Shulman has a simple formula. If you want to grow, he will help make that dream a reality.

Yaakov Chaim Olevitch


Studious and melodious, R' Yaakov Chaim is the longest serving member of the Kollel.

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Ilya Shulman


Founder of the Kollel. Although Ilya has moved on to Eretz Yisrael, the Kollel still reflects his vision.

Meyer Swed

Avreich, Mentor

R' Meyer is energetic and friendly. Learning with him is an unforgettable experience.

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